Sovena Feeding Futures

Who we are

Our Essence

Our Growth will go on

It is in our nature to explore possibilities that bear fruit.

We create connections between the land and the table, between those who do the growing and those who taste the outcome.

We take a new perspective on old learnings, realising that “bringing back” old knowledge can be the most revolutionary approach.

We make the circular economy go round and we choose the path to preserve the natural order of things.

We pursue complex, harmonious and enduring memories that remain on the palate.

We celebrate food tolerance and bring discussions to the table

We insist on adding value to the chain, with sustained and sustainable decisions.

We seek balance for all, including the planet Earth.

And we grow food, along with a commitment:

After more than a hundred years growing, we want to nurture the next hundred years ahead.


Our Beliefs

To reinvent, there’s no need to invent.
Good food has always been, and will continue to be, valued.
The solution to restore Earth’s balance lies in rebuilding the food cycle.
What we grow feeds more than just one industry.
To inspire, we need to be involved.
We advance when we look at partners, not at competitors.

Our Values

An essence that sprouts from 5 values, always reflected in our actions, relationships and aspirations.