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Corporate Social Responsibility / Ethics

The relationship of our group with its environment, whether ecological or human, is carried out in a responsible and ethical manner as indicated in the Sovena Group Code of Ethics and Conduct, which governs our actions throughout the supply chain, considering all stakeholders, employees, suppliers, customers and the community.

Within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility, some initiatives that inspire us and in which we seek to act, range from topics such as:

  • Environmental and Natural Resource Impact
  • Food Safety
  • Investment in Human Capital
  • Improvement of the Work and Social Conditions of our Employees
  • Nutritional Education in the Surrounding Communities
  • Support for Social Solidarity Institutions

These and other topics reinforce our social responsibility engagement with local communities, with our customers and with our consumers.

At Sovena and also within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics is essential to Sovena's activities and therefore the participation of all stakeholders is essential.

We invite you to visit the Ethics – Openness and Transparency, communication channel where you can ask questions of an ethical nature, report incidents in the scope of the application of the Code of Ethics and Conduct or make suggestions.

ETHICS - Openness and Transparency

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I consent to the processing of my personal data contained in the Ethics form, including registration and retention on a digital basis, for a maximum of 6 months, authorizing its processing by the companies of the Sovena Group. Sovena undertakes, at any time, to change or delete such personal data from its database at the request of the interested party.