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We are in good company

We move forward when we focus on partners, not competitors. Ethics, experience and commitment have been the ingredients for relationships that have borne fruit for over a century. We left Portugal with the help of the olive oil that brought us to the rest of the world. And when we arrived, we did not stop there. We sowed relationships and partnerships that grew with us and we uncovered new paths for food. With our long-standing partners, but also with new companies, we have brought our products to millions of people and dining rooms.


Mercadona has been our partner for over 10 years for our olive and vegetable oils, a relationship built on trust and shared values, business strategies and requirements

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This Portuguese group, present in 17 countries, specializes in the production of rigid plastic packaging for the food and drink, hygiene, oils and lubricants sectors. It is a pioneer in implementing integrated packaging at its customers' factories. Its good prospects for growth and ongoing commitment to innovation set it on a common path with our Group. We, therefore, have several operations in partnership with Sovena Portugal, Sovena Spain and Sovena USA, through Sulpet, Brenpack and Oliveplaste respectively.

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This management company operates in several business areas and is our partner in the agriculture sector. It is within the agricultural sector that the partnership with our Group has been consolidated, beginning with the establishment of Elaia, for olive grove management and exploitation and olive processing.


Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our partners: the Institute of Experimental Biology and Technology (IBET) is Portugal's largest non-profit organisation in the field of biotechnology research. Its role is essential in helping us to secure the development of pilot projects in the agro-industrial area and to transfer technologies and processes to the industry itself. We work together in the area of nutritional and sensory quality, food stability, authenticity and functionality, and food safety. We work together to differentiate, innovate and certify our products and processes internationally.

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We draw on specialists in areas outside our business. The Business Association of the Portuguese Catholic University's School of Biotechnology (AESBUC) performs some of its activities in partnership with the School of Biotechnology (ESB).

This partnership provides us access to a wide range of scientific and technological knowledge, ensuring services such as laboratory analysis, the development of new products and the securing of large-scale industrial projects.

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Société Maroc Emirates Arabs Unis de Développement is a group created in 1982 by a consortium of Moroccan companies and a United Arab Emirates development fund. It operates in several areas and is one of our most influential partners in the field of agriculture. Since 2005, with the company SOPROLIVES, we have taken our Group's first steps into the planting and management of olive groves for the production of outstanding olive oils in Morocco.

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This is one of the partners that has accompanied us in more adventures: from the import and distribution of Andorinha olive oil in Brazil to Ideal olive oil in Russia. In Spain, it is our factories that package their Delícia olive oil.

The Biodiesel project in Portugal was developed in partnership with Diester, a Bunge Group company, which helps us with its cutting-edge knowledge.

In Portugal, we also refine and extract soya oil for Bunge.

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AESE is the first Business School in Portugal and was founded in 1980 by the Advanced Business Studies Association (AESE), which established it in the image of the IESE Business School (the University of Navarra's postgraduate school of management) to offer executives management tools and techniques, as well as values centred on ethics and humanism, allowing them to continuously improve on a personal and professional level.

Over the years, we have developed and consolidated a partnership with the AESE in this area of executive training, enabling many of our employees to strengthen their management and leadership capacities, among other skills that are critical to the business. Training has been assured through participation in Executive MBA programmes and Executive Programmes such as PADE, PDE and GAIN.

The importance of our employees' continuous development and regular networking among the participants in these programmes has led to us sponsoring the AESE "Continuity Sessions" since 2015 and, shortly afterwards, we signed a collaboration protocol, becoming one of the AESE's Sponsor Companies and contributing towards the consolidation of the institution's training mission and future projects.

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